Sweet Caroline

This is another one of those songs from childhood memory that, whenever I listen to it, takes me back to those memories locked deep within the recesses of my mind… to a safe and comforting place. A place where life was so innocent, funloving, carefree. The days that I oftentimes long to go back to… well, the carefree and funloving, not necessarily the age!!!

This particular one brings back not vague warm and cozy feelings, but very specific recounting of times. I used to walk past the Santos’ old house in Toto on the way to and from the school bus stop. I’d hear this song playing as I passed their house on the way to catch the bus to school… probably Bobing playing it. I was in the 4th grade, PC Lujan Elementary. Then, after school I can still remember hearing it playing on the jukebox at Torres’ store right next to the bus stop where I’d sometimes stop to buy bubble gum or something.

Ha! And, in tying in with that, it brings back recollections of my very first puppy love girlfriend, Julia Blas.

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