Suriel’s Visiting from NC

Compadre Suriel Martinez flew in to visit for a week 9/25 to 10/1. I played primary tourguide. He hasn’t been here in 26 years, so there were a lot of everyday Oahu changes for him to check out. But Holy shit it was a blast from the past… and that was my liver talking!!! I drank more beer in the 7 days Suriel was here than I’ve drank in the last year. and that is no shit! Like the old, much younger days at Ft. Ritchie… whew.

Wednesday, first night in after arriving in the afternoon I think we drank over a case and a half, with Justin coming over and joining in. The next day, Thursday, we drove thru Schofield Bks to show him how the old place has changed, then up north shore, The Shack Mililani for lunch, then Korea take out from Elim’s that evening. All with beer accompanying. Friday evening was SSG Headman’s farewell at Restaurant 604, we were pounding beer after beer. Saturday we went around the island, east side, then dinner at Tianos. Beer then. Sunday was a marathon drinking day starting around lunch while at Plantation Tavern in Kapolei, then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Laulani SC and drank whil ewatching Sunday football. Hmmm. Monday, we sat at DB Grill in Kapolei Commons and drank at the bar while Lou shopped at Target, then got a case of beer at Touch and Go on the way home. Lou picked up dinner from Bangkok Chef to eat while we drank.

He left Tuesday. Yeah, my liver needed to dry out!!!


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