Strange old co-worker discovery

Every so often, particularly when I’m bored, I ponder the whereabouts and the ‘what-happened-to’ of old friends, former co-workers, fellow soldiers in units from long ago. One of those was a Filipino boy from Hawaii who was stationed with me on my first Hawaii assignment. We hung out every so often, yadda yadda. After I left that assignment I never saw him again. So periodically I’d search for him… Facebook, LinkedIn, just google his name. You know, among other old fellow soldiers.

Well, I finally got a hit on Google… wow, what I found took me by total surprise…. and total shock. You just never know how, when, and why one’s path in life takes a strange and deranged bend in the road… and in this case, a dumbass total detour down the path of.. well… the document explains it all.


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