Storage space expansion

What a long story from thought origin to end decision on storage sheds. Typical of Lou and me though… how did we go from floor buffer to storage sheds?

It started out a discussion with Lou about buying a floor buffer so that I can scrub and completely clean the lanai and garage deck. Ahh, where to store the buffer if we buy one? In the garage. Too much other stuff already in the garage taking up space that can’t be stored overhead, like the air compressor, garden tools, pressure washer. What about the party tables and the plastic chairs that we store alongside the outside of the garage and cover with tarp? And the lawn mower next to the chairs?

The idea of a storage shed came out as a result of this. Buy a plastic resin one? Where do we put it? If in the yard, we need to build some kind of foundation to set it on. Where in the yard? How big a shed? Well, we went thru buying a Rubbermaid shed at the NEX, then got estimates on doing a foundation, which evolved into just having someone build a wooden storage shed. We returned the Rubbermaid shed to the NEX. But then the estimate to have one built was way more than I wanted to spend.

We ended up going to Sears and buying 3 Craftsman brand sheds, and decided to just put them against the garage wall in the lanai. I assembled all of them, which (assembling shit) is something I don’t care to do anymore because it always seems the steps to assemble just about everything has gotten more complicated. But not these, they were easy… just time consuming.

Anyway, mission accomplished. Well, maybe. I still don’t have a floor buffer….

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