Steve Santos in Hawaii

Stephen Santos spent some time in Honolulu and we had a chance to catch up on old times. We met up at Pearlridge, kinda hung out, and played some pinball at Fun Factory. The pinball part was kind of funny. Myself, Steve, and Peter were supposed to take turns playing. Pinball, in its heyday, was my and Steve’s game… Peter a was several years younger and pinball wasn’t the shit in their youth… at least not as much as ours. So anyway, we start out taking just about equal time taking turns. Then, Steve started popping the game and going a long time before losing the ball. When my turn came up, I started getting back into the teenage groove and started doing the same thing, popping extra games and taking maybe 5 minutes before losing the ball. Peter’s turn comes and he gets on, and loses the ball in less than a minute. Before you know it, Steve and I are laughing, and Peter’s getting bummed out. Lou, of course, saw it all coming since she know how feverish Steve and I used to be playing pinball. It was good seeing Steve again after, wow, a long ass time.

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