Speaking of Expiring User Accounts

As mentioned in the Expire Users Plugin about its function and purpose, I guess practical application of it will be for:

(1) registrations that are never subsequently logged into,
(2) registrations that appear not to have any tangible relationship or tie to my blog theme (Guam, our island music, relationship to me or family, etc.) **,
(3) any other undesirable indications of trait that I see and determine at my sole discretion **

The plugin sets new registrations to expire (see the main page notice if you’re a subscriber level user) and notifies me of such and I delete. Simple.

** So if you DO have a substantial tie or relationship to the island and are logging in from a location which I otherwise wouldn’t see the relationship (like you’re from Guam and live in England or something, to which I would see your IP as originating in England (no obvious connection)), ensure you make the connection clear in your profile bio. And upgrade to member level user group if you intend to keep your account.

** Any email address in a registration that has bullshit domains like .biz, .ws, top level domains from places that I see no reasonable connection to me or the island (.ru, .cn, etc.), are chocked up as being suspect as to motive in registering. If you’re in those areas and are legit, sorry, you’re a victim of your own circumstances.