Social media outspokenness

It seems to me that over the years since the Internet became a public commodity, and all of its pieces that brought the technology to the novice “general population, civility among users has become virtually nonexistent. Bad behavior. People saying shit just because (1) they can, (2) they feel that they have no reachability to account for what they say, and (3) a sense of anonymity allows them to say shit that they otherwise would likely not say face-to-face with people. This has afflicted both men and women.

Reading comments and discussions just about anywhere will show what I mean. Particularly on social media such as Facebook and the like, where the platform is “public”. People think they have the right to say whatever they want, hurt feelings and common courtesy to hell.

In the precursor years to the public internet, such as the dialup bulletin board communities, users needed a little bit of technical knowledge and savvy to join the ranks of those online. Every reachable community had enforced standards of conduct and civility. None of the online communities were “public” in the sense of users feeling entitled to being there. And.. users were banned if they became obnoxious.

I guess it’s the same as society in general, what with all of people’s values and common senses going all to hell.

We will be the undoing of our own civilization.

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