Shootout with Cop in Waipahu

Horrific, sensational, wow Hawaii we’re almost like the OK Corral. The shootout between some meth head with an AK47 and HPD Officer Stan Cook in Waipahu was crazy to read in the paper and watch coverage of on the news.

Drugs have always made for a dangerous world, dangerous communities. I’m not heartless, but when things like this happen because of some drug crazed motherf***er and it ends up in the criminal’s death, I say alright! One less dangerous out of his mind person to contend with as a society. The newspapers, or at least Honolulu Advertiser, put the photo of the dead instigator on the front page… dead, lying over his car door, a pool of blood on the ground. They quickly took it off of the media after people complained about how it would make his children and family feel, the horror of seeing their loved one dead. I say oh yeah, let it shock the minds of his family. The reality of the consequences of doing mind altering drugs. And praise the officer who shot and killed him, in self defense, as the officer himself was trying not to die, being shot multiple times and returning fire. Fuck yeah!
RESTRICTED CONTENT It’s a dangerous world out there. Thanks to HPD Officer Stan Cook, who is also a retired US Navy WO, for his service in serving and protecting, almost with his own life.

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