Scary high-rise building fire on Kapiolani Blvd

Yesterday’s top and continuing coverage news story was about a high rise condominium fire by the Ala Wai on the mauka side, a place called Marco Polo condos. There are fires every now and then, typically confined to one unit or one house. But this kind of thing I only see on TV somewhere else in the country or world (like the recent London high rise fire). It gets eerie and scary when it hits so close to home. I mean, watching it unfold, watching both news and amateur footage of the raging fire as the fire department tries to get it under control, was surreal.

Tonight I drove into Waikiki down Kalakaua and then back up Kuhio, then cut over to Ala Wai blvd. From there I could see the building across the canal. It was eerie. Most of the building was “normal”, with lights on in people’s units… except for this one pitch black darkness in the middle of the building structure, maybe 8-9 condo units wide and 4-5 floors in height. The burned out and otherwise unoccupiable units that suffered from the destruction.

I’m sure the news story itself is all over the web reachable by googling to find it.

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