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Webmail @

I’ve had this domain since late 2000, and available along with the domain account is email. If you’re interested in a email account, email me (royce at to ask me to set one up for you. I would expect that if you are in fact interested, your last name is Sarusal or you have a significant relationship to the surname. So in that email, tell me:
Info: who you are, whether we’re related if you know, and background of the relationship to the surname.
Desired username (name in front of the part of the address).

I will email you your login password. If your desired username is not available I will let you know and you can choose another until one is good for you.

All the info on setting up/accessing email via the web, how to set up the account for use with an email client like MS Outlook, etc., you can find on the hosting service webmail pages once your email account is established.