Roof Trashed from the birds!

I had a guy who posted on the NextDoor app about being able to install wire mesh around roof solar panels come over to look at our roof and panels about a month ago. John Myers does these install jobs on the side, not a business. He’s an Army AD Captain, Aviator. He had agreed to do our panels when we’re ready, and we waited until Ho’a Solar did their work on the inverters and possibly give us an estimate if they did it. The estimate hasn’t come yet so we didn’t wait. John came over today to look at what needs to be done, and determined he can’t do it. There’s roof shingle damage from the birds and normal wear and tear that we should look at fixing (first?). We need to completely re-roof the house! And of course the solar panels would need to be removed to do that job. Plus, we have 52 panels that cover most of the roof so there is no walking room for John to get to the edge of the roof, nor enough clearance under the panels to adequately clean out the crap from the birds.

John did check with a real estate friend who told him insurance should cover re-roofing since damage is from the birds. So we’re going to check into that. God damnit!!!!

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