RIP Rich Heard

This morning we (the TVS group) noticed Rich hadn’t come in and it was almost 9am. We joked about him probably having gotten the days mixed up again and thought today was his RDO. That, among other funny incidents about Rich and forgetfulness etc..

Kyle, as NID Chief, called Rich’s house to find out why he wasn’t at work. His wife JD answered. Rich passed away last night. She told Kyle that Rich had gone outside to his truck to work on, fix, or something, his rear view mirror. His neighbor came outside to throw out some trash and saw Rich on the ground. They called 911 and EMS revived him and they transported him to the hospital, where he passed away. Serious Incident Report

The mood has been so somber today since that news. Shocking tho not unexpected since Rich’s health wasn’t all that great. But that’s the difference when reality hits. Rest in peace Rich.

Edit 01/13/2021:
Since Rich’s passing there was no local funeral, no memorial because of the COVID situation that went into full gear very soon after Rich passed. His wife took him back to Texas, we never knew exactly where, and we heard nothing. I finally found something that I believe is where Rich was laid to rest. Can’t be sure but the dates and headstone info fit. DFW, TX.

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