Removed “useless” links from NAV widget

The top right menu options set titled Navigation. After google searching over and over, looking for (1) the right, the updated for current WP version, tip, how-to writeup, and (2) reasonably easy procedures that a layman like I can follow, a writeup on how to remove the ENTRIES FEED, COMMENTS FEED, and WORDPRESS.ORG links, I finally removed them.

I removed the default meta navigation widget links for RSS and Entries Feeds and the link. To do that I edited a core file located in (my) /wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-meta.php and followed instructions from

This may need to be redone when WP updates happen and overwrite this file. Easy to tell if this happens if the links reappear after a pushed update. How often this will be, well, we’ll wait and see…

UPDATE: Eff it, every WP update wipes the changes out….

One thought on “Removed “useless” links from NAV widget

  1. Okay, well, it happens with every WordPress core files update. Too much hassle to chase after every update. Forget it. I’ll just leave this here just in case I want to pursue it…

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