Remembering the Evil of Al Qaeda

I’ve said it before in other forums and social media platforms/outlets. Time doesn’t really heal all wounds. It just makes the pain of those wounds fade with time. Sometimes it’s to where we soon forget the evil done unto us. The World Trade Center tragedy is one example. Remember how out of our minds crazy pissed off we were? That bleeding edge anger is fading, and our drive to seek and destroy those who caused it weakens.

The atrocities that the evildoers have shown the world infuriate us at the time of the events. After a while the stark images fade, and we go about our daily lives having forgotten.

I didn’t grab copies of these clips because I’m an enthusiast of grotesque scenes, or to “celebrate” or anything. I keep them because it jogs my memory to view them again, of the sheer anger and lust for vengeance that the breaking news of these atrocities initially brought. And we all need reminders of the evil we face.

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