Rearranging stuff

10/07/2022 The /wpvault/ area is gone. No more Man Cave…

I guess all this tinkering with one of my other domains, then accidentally f***ing it up and blowing away the WP install, has me moving things around yet again.

I was reinstalling WP and plugins on another domain space to use it for more restricted content. That way I was going to separate connected stuff from the ‘general entertainment’ stuff. But in attempting an export/import of content from one site space to another, something went awry and the MySQL tables got all fucked up. Damnit. So I just deleted the database and WP install.

I installed another WP instance on this domain, in a separate directory and also a separate database. And I’m not doing database import again. I’m doing it the painstaking way… copy paste and recreate posts and pages one at a time.

The intent is to have more content separation

That’s the general plan anyway.

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