No, not rats as in darn it. But… rats! Rats in the garage crawlspace. Two weeks or so ago, the big garage door started malfunctioning. It would open via the remote, but would not close at all. We called the Raynor repair guy and found that a rat had chewed thru the wire that goes from the overhead door motor to one of the door sensors. Rat! So he fixed it. The next day (26th last month) we made a trip to Home Depot and bought rat bait and put it out on both sides of the garages as well as inside the garage. Lou also put some in a small cup and put it in the gutter above the garage/lanai gap space. We got nibbles on that for sure.

On Sunday Aug 30th, I ran an extension cord up into the rafters right above the wall separating the big and small garages. I put ultrasonic rodent repellent plug in facing in opposite directions to try to run the rats out of the crawl spaces.

Tuesday night last week, Lou and I were sitting in the lanai smoking and heard scurrying noises of the rats. Turns out the noise was coming from under the hood of the car, parked in the small garage in front of my truck! had complained a few days before that the windshield washer fluid line having leaks and looked like they were chewed up! Damnit! We opened the hood and chased the rat out but didn’t actually see it run. But we heard it in the gutter on the roof running away.

This past Monday, my boy went into the garage to get some soda. When he came back he said he heard noises of rats running around behind the storage shelves where the sodas are stacked. I set rat traps, which I ordered from Amazon and arrived yesterday, in the garage baited with peanut butter. That evening, one of them snapped shut. Caught one! Motha f—!!! So I re-baited that one.

Yesterday morning, we found two more rats that were caught Tuesday night, and then this morning yet another.

Damn these rats!!! So the war rages for the battle of the garage!!!

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