Rat damage fix!

The garage door for the small garage has been malfunctioning for almost a month now since rats chewed thru some wires, and the door won’t remotely close. I ordered splice/crimp connectors and 22 gauge wire from Amazon, determined to fix this problem… caling Raynor will cost, mostly expensive labor!

So this morning I cleared the big garage so I could climb up into the ceiling crawl space over the small garage side. I didn’t have comfortable space to work with in the crawl space, plus I didn’t want to chance going thru the drywall ceiling while moving around. I figured thew chewed wire was not the long run from the censors but at the connection point thru the ceiling to the motor, so I pushed that bunch of wiring thru the ceiling hole so I could get to it from the garage.

I found the chewed thru and disconnected sire and reconnected it, and all works now!

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