Rap’s Aloha

This TV special was a tribute to Rap Reiplinger, one of Hawaii’s brightest and brilliant comedians. To this day, many of his comedy skits, jokes, and even comedic songs live on in parodies, commercial jingles, and most of all the hearts of those of us who loved his work. Hell, before I came to know who he was Lou was sending me tapes of his album releases when I was on my first Fort Ritchie tour. And of course, on the other end of that spectrum, Rap’s work has forever become the lighthearted backdrop, the soundtrack, the scoring of Lou’s and my enchanted first Army tour in Hawaii Nei.

This was a KGMB-TV Hawaii special aired in the mid 80s. I recorded it (analog broadcast, no cable) onto VHS, and a few years ago converted it to digital format. Quality is poor because my TV reception back then was not clear (rabbit ear antenna days). Plus I attempted the stop/record method of editing out commercials on the fly.. very sloppy. Oh well.

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