R.I.P. Ton Martos

High school days, during the citizens band radio craze, he was “Cherry Breaker”, and he pronounced his callsign kilo alpha mike nine sixty-nine-ten. We hung out some, convoyed in our trucks some back during that on the air craze. I enlisted in the Army, got to AIT, and he was permanent party at Ft. Gordon as we ran into each other. After AIT and two assignments later, in Hawaii, I was at Kunia and he was at 125th Sig Bn (Helemano) as we ran into each other yet again. IN ’86 I was on Guam before going to Korea and ran into him in Agana. He’d gotten out of the Army and was working doing something next block over from AOLG. The last time I remember seeing him was in ’96 or ’97, he came to the house (AMR) with Hilda’s husband Matt to stop by and drop something off (Matt did), or something of a short visit nature.

I was doing one of my periodic web and social media surfing of hey wonder whatever happened to so-and-so searches. I kinda looked on social media and google for him because I had wondered if he was in Hawaii since he has a sister here I think.

Rest easy Ton…

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