Putting the Chamorro and Hawaii CDs into MP3

I’ve been ripping CDs, trying my best to convert vinyl and cassette tape to .mp3 format. I’ve been thinking of then uploading them to the web site server and linking them to be played like I did when I had my web site on geocities (remember www.geocities.com/tropics/theshores/9350…). I’m still debating if it’s worth the effort it would take to build a library collection out of it. would I need to pay for a streaming server? Or just link them as files? Even linking them is a monotonous deal, one at a time building HTML links. Debating continues..

6 thoughts on “Putting the Chamorro and Hawaii CDs into MP3

  1. Buenas

    I just wanted to see if I’m able to upload or listen to vine baleto Chamorro music. My Father loves his music . Especially the ones that are in cassette Tape. If it’s possible.

    Thank you chelu

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