Private Content plugin ALT text with URL/IMG link

I’ve been trying to get an link to work as alt text in the plugin shortcode. I can’t seem to get it to work, keeps coming out in the default (no alt text provided in shortcode) output.

For testing purposes, my protected image is:

< img src="/wpblog/wpsitefiles/truck.jpg" width="350" >

My alt text image would be:

< img src="/wpblog/wpsitefiles/logo-xru.jpg" width="350" >

I use the Private Content shortcode (added some spaces to the shortcode so it would actually display and not execute):


[ private container="span" role="custom" custom_role="administrator" alt="< img src='/wpblog/wpsitefiles/logo-xru.jpg' width='350' >"]< img src="/wpblog/wpsitefiles/truck.jpg" width="350" />[/private ]

The alt text (alt image link) doesn’t work. I get the default display (the slightly angled ‘restricted’ image) as if there is no alt text defined.

The PLUGIN MANUAL explains and examples using a URL in the alt text. I figured if an “a href” link would work, an “img src” link should as well. So I copy and pasted the example URL from the plugin manual. Whether the actual URL is good or bad isn’t important (just comes up as a broken link), but I figure the link function itself should work:


[ private role="subscriber" alt="Subscribe to read this super powered text!"]Hidden text.[/private ]
The example shortcode from the plugin manual doesn’t work either. Hmmmm….

Let’s see if I can get pointers/help from the support site maybe?

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