Prison sentencing – when reality sets in

Or should the question be ‘when does reality set in?” I have this draw toward TV shows that feature things like prison life (Lockup Raw, etc.) in a real sense, and stories of people convicted of crimes… some wrongfully so.

Today, on guampdn online, there was a lead story about the Blue house bar GPD officers who were convicted of abusing their positions as police officers related to keeping some girls at the bar in line for mamasan and other cries. In particular, today’s headline was on GPD Officer David Manilla’s 30-year sentence. Now,

I do have my opinion about his and the other two officers’ guilt, but everyone’s got their 2 cents to spend about that. What I began wondering, I mean really pondering, is what that is like to hear your sentence… 30 years… and what goes thru one’s mind. Does the reality of it hit right away? Does it seem like an out of body experience that sinks in later? 30 years locked up. It’s easy to say it, hear it, read about it, opine about it. It must be quite another thing for you to be the subject of it. If in fact former officer Manilla has to serve his full term, at his age, the reality of it meaning chances are favorable that he will die without ever having the full taste of freedom again.

Many will say good for him, he deserves it, rot in prison, whatever. Okay. I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiment. But still. I just can’t imagine it. That’s all I’m saying.

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