Princeton Crowner, RIP

Coming out of a bad news weekend, I come into work this morning and SSG Phung is on staff duty so is at the front desk. RESTRICTED CONTENT

I wasn’t really close to Crowner or anything like that. I am in the TVS section, he was on the NM side. We did work close enough in proximity and mutual job inter-dependency to be more than mere passing acquaintances. We’ve talked both in bullshitting mode and serious talk about careers, aspirations, and futures. His mainly. That’s why the “why” question bugs me. The man had aspirations. In my book he was a rising star of a soldier, having obtained certain certs and then more certs as a part of completing 25D school. He was smart, a work go-getter and achiever. He got promoted to Staff Sergeant during/out of delta school.

Rest easy Princeton Crowner. I sincerely hope the price you paid for inner peace has given that to you.

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