Police Chase Caught On Camera

Someone sent this to me in email. Video is old but there’s conveyance of a message that is significant. I didn’t write the words, but I take stock in the sentiment. Not that I have interest in the argument of BLM or any of that mainland stuff, but the incidents that incite people apply to all scenarios involving all racial backgrounds, not just black/white (e.g., HPD and that Micronesian kid being shot). If you, whoever you are, find yourself in at the barrel end of police guns and they are commanding you into some type of less than agreeable compliance, there is a reason that YOU instigated for you to be in that predicament.

The attached is a recording from a police car Dash Camera of a Los Angeles Police car in pursuit of hoodlums. The recording is only a minute or so in length.

This is the most excellent justification of why the police should have such dash cams. Think of how vivid and accurately what happened can be communicated to a potential jury of the event.

According to “Black Lives Matter” statements, the black guys were not actually shooting at the cops. Their hands were up! They were just a couple of innocent guys en-route to their college enrollments when the cops shot them IN THE BACK because they were black.

Of course, that explanation from BLM was made BEFORE the dash cam video capturing the chase and the shooting was publicly released by the police.

Unfortunately, AND AS IS USUAL, before the truth came out, local news reports indicated that this incident was just one more example of police targeting young blacks.

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