PHP-Fusion -> WordPress

How many times have I gone down this road and come back, from PHP-F to WP and back to PHP-F. Why? Because I like and prefer the look and feel of PHP-Fusion as a CMS, versus a blog format that to me doesn’t do file storage and photoalbums out of the box, nor easily. I was willing to struggle thru PHP-F’s issues.

But then, quite by accident, I found out that the function of sending PM to all in a specific member group no longer works after I upgraded to v8.00.21. Also, in accessing the site on my phone, not only is it not mobile friendly, but it doesn’t recognize/read the restricted groups shortcodes anymore. I’m constantly battling shit! Either that or I need to tweak shit to get them working reliably. I don’t have time for it. Plus, if it works on one version and then stops working on another unless I tweak something first, that becomes a bad security flaw in keeping my shit off the public web! No no no!!!

So it is time to just give in to using WordPress, of which development is constant, consistent, and more functionality centric to the non-programmer.
So here we go. Moving shit over once again.

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