Pat Morita’s Mixed Plate of Comedy (the whole broadcast)

In my pining thru harddrive clutter in order to do something to keep from being bored… I’ve been rediscovering oldie but goodie stuff. Those not from the islands probably would find local humor a little off, maybe silly, and very hard to understand given the lean toward Pidgin speak. I have always found it hilarious even back in the days before I understood a lot of the local Hawaii innuendos and references. And then in finally living in Honolulu and coming to understand Pidgin, references to locals only people, places, traits, etc., it just made it that much funnier the second time around.

Pat Morita (of early Happy Days TV show acclaim and later to become the face of the Karate Kid movie trilogy) hosted and narrated this look at a bunch of comedians who defined local comedy in Hawaii early on. I sat and watched it thru and it still cracks me up. It was called Pat Morita’s Mixed Plate of Comedy. This was a KGMB-TV Hawaii special aired in the mid 80s. I recorded it (analog broadcast, no cable) onto VHS, and a few years ago converted it to digital format. Quality is poor because my TV reception back then was not clear (rabbit ear antenna days). Plus I attempted the stop/record method of editing out commercials on the fly.. very sloppy. Oh well.

If anybody knows where and how I can get/buy a clean digital copy of the original KGMB production of this, do let me know!!!!!


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