Painkillers paint the mood

Since the surgery I’ve been on either Oxycodone or Morphine per doctor’s recommendation to “stay ahead” of the pain instead of chasing it… meaning don’t wait to feel pain before taking the meds, but take them by the clock so that I won’t feel much pain. Okay, that tells me that it must be an excruciating level of discomfort if not for these prescribed narcotics. So, for the past weekend it’s been Morphine every 8 hours, Oxycodone every 4. Great… I’ve been floating right along since.

Given my narco-induced frame of mind, there hasn’t been much to do but stay laid up on the recliner in the family room in front of the large screen and watch TV….TruTV, news, whatever movies catch my now very limited options attention. It’s funny tho and something I’d not thought about beforehand, but said narco-induced consciousness inhibits things a good bit. I watched one movie that captured my full interest, but I now wonder if I’d even stopped to watch the trailer had I not been held captive in the recliner and in an animated state of consciousness. So it seemed like an intriguing movie… and I do like Lou Diamond Phillips.

It might also be that the setting of the movie in the Arizona desert fed my can’t-explain-why fondness for being out in that kind of wide open independent wilderness… having been to that desert area (only) once back in ’05, I liked that wide open freedom feeling.

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