Our Anniversary Staycation in Waikiki

Wednesday was Lou’s birthday, and yesterday, Saturday, Feb 14, was both Valentine’s Day and our 34th wedding anniversary. I thought it was even more special that it was a Saturday, aligning with the Saturday Feb 14th date when we got married. We did a Waikiki “staycation” to celebrate and get away, just the two of us.

Waikiki room rates being for the tourists, I chose the Maile Sky Court Hotel which, relatively speaking, is reasonable. Definitely not a 5-star place that pampers its guests, but comfortable. There were things to gripe about, but hell we’ve been in much worse accommodations. Again, it was just nice to be away and about all by ourselves, the first time in… ever since!

After going across the street to an ABC store and stocking the room with some drinks and snacks, we started out to look for a place to have dinner. We ended up at the steak restaurant, Vit’s, right there at/next to the hotel. That was Friday night. Saturday we drove to Kahala Mall to look around, and ended up doing some shopping at Ross for the grandbabies. Then lunch at JJ’s Bistro on Waialae Ave since we had 2 gift cards for them from Christmas. After lunch we went back to the hotel and rested up a bit.

In the afternoon we decided to walk the strip and just check out what all is on Kalakaua these days. We haven’t strolled down the Waikiki sidewalks just looking around in… at least 20 years, maybe longer. Noted changes.. International Marketplace has been demolished and is being redeveloped (sad). No more Waikiki Theater, I think the closest now is Ward Theaters by Dave and Busters.. outside of Waikiki proper. Lots of new stores/outlets, and the older ones gone. Progress, eh?

We stopped at the beach by the Duke statue, looked around, snapped some pics, then continued the walk toward the end of Kalakaua by the zoo. We didn’t quite get to the end tho. we stopped at Pac Beach Hotel and decided to have dinner at the Oceanarium Restaurant. Buffet was on so that was good. I wasn’t yet in a full hunger for dinner, so that was bad… didn’t eat enough o make the price worth it in my book. Then after dinner was pau, we walked back to our hotel on the Kuhio Avenue side.

We checked out this morning, and Lou wanted to stop by the Pearl Harbor NEX on the way home. We ate breakfast at the food court there while waiting for the NEX to open at 9. Lou couldn’t find what she wanted there, so we drove to Mapunapuna because Lou knew the earrings she was looking for was at Ben Franklin. Then… home bound.

Was a nice outing, but also so nice to get back home and sleep in our own bed! Also missed my boy Stephan… two days away…

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