Okay, Lina’s driving now

Yep, babygirl is finally driving now. As all three kids have grown up, learning to drive and actually getting on the road has been the rite of passage to independence. As it is for all teens.

We went shopping for a car for Lina. Originally, I thought about a used car no more than 2-3 years old, maybe a Camry or Corolla. But prices for decent used cars weren’t really that much less than a new Scion so we got a 2012 Scion XB at Servco Mapunapuna. Lina initially was looking at a Kia Soul but Noel, the experienced mechanic, suggested a Toyota made car as opposed to the Soul since the Soul hasn’t been in production that long and hasn’t been “tested” for the bugs and shortcomings. S’okay, I favor Toyota products anyway. I just thought Scions were more expensive than what they are…

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