OCCC escapee shooting – I side with good riddance

The detainee/inmate was being charged with, among other things, attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. Then, after a hearing, he tries to escape from OCCC while being re-processed thru intake. He gets shot in his escape attempt by a corrections guard. He dies.

Again, social media brings out bold opinions of keyboard warriors from all angles of the discussion. People are saying that’s what he deserved, some just showing sorry for the loss of life. Then there are those who question whether lethal force was necessary, was he a threat that they needed to shoot him, etc..

I say good riddance, and it wasn’t the OCCC officer’s decision to shoot and kill him. It was karma that got him quickly. He was shot and killed by law enforcement while in custody for attempted murder against a law enforcement officer.

Done. One less useless excuse for a human being to have to feed, house, clothe, and care for in the system at taxpayer expense. If only other worthless convicts/inmates in the system would bow out of the human race too and make this world a better place.

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