Notes in General

Quick ref ‘coz I keep losing track of what I wrote where when I come across something I did or reason for doing it…

Alternate Text – Function/feature of the Private Content Plugin. A few additions in style.css. Use to mask content and present post/page with alternative text to the masked content. Used to separate info based on user group, Like if the Trusted group sees “6969 Bareback Drive” for an address of interest, but I don’t want to show it to those not in the Trusted Group, I can change the text for those not in that group to 4114 Protection Way. Text, images, whole page/posts, etc.. The tipoff is the font color being eggshell instead of white. If the color is eggshell it is alternative text to the original.

It’s a good way to separate content without creating totally redundant/duplicate pages/posts.

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