You cannot access the “Man Cave” section as a logged in user until I have added you to a separate database for that area. If you’re not registered and logged in, you won’t even see the dropdown menu link (below menu option) to go the this area. This is so you make the effort to acknowledge (and essentially REQUEST) access to stuff I don’t care or want to have openly public. Stuff like:

  • Uncensored reality stuff I keep for various reasons (accidents, shootings or whatever crime or whatever)
  • Mature minds content, like maybe extreme violent shit (I keep clips of the World Trade Center attack and Al Qaeda beheadings to always remind me of the need for vengeance)
  • Racy/raunchy humor 😉
  • NSFW to downright Adults Only NC17 content 🤫
  • Other stuff I sometimes share on the QT with like minded friends (and family) 🤐
  • Parts of my journaling that totally don’t match the mindset of my normal journal, related to the above….

Once added, you will be automatically logged in when entering from this site. Register and login, then come back here and read how to ask to be added....

Note that there’s not too much viewable content outside of MEMBER (some viewable) and other appropriate user groups.