Need police strong!

I saw this posted on social media. Instantly it represented the police to me. And there is a statement to be made about that sentiment.

How true this is in application to police and the attitude toward them in this day of protests against, defunding of, and hatred toward police. Sure there are bad apples, as there are in any bunch of people no matter what that body of people represents. The good, however, MUST be seen as outweighing the bad. Do we really want total lawlessness and anarchy? Do we want to live with pillaging in the streets? No? Well it’s already beginning in places, in cities, that are aggressively pursuing defunding and dismantling their police forces. The loud, protesting voices condone it as acceptable. What about (and I imagine the majority) the peaceful, silent, family types who are the true backbone of society?

Being a cop is a job with much more at stake than almost any other. But it is still a job. The IT equivalent to their job is oh shit, I fucked up the switch config and a user’s connection died, or her email got dumped, or some other less than life threatening consequence. That’s the job. The cop’s job has life threatening, life impacting, and at times life depriving consequences when mistakes are made, judgement calls have to be lived down, etc.. But that’s the job.

And yes the bottom line is, if you obey the law, if you follow the commands by an officer in a moment of potential escalation, chances are you’ll come out okay. I don’t judge what a black person’s life is like in these situations. I myself have asked black friends a few times when we were in a situation where someone else said or did or acted in a racially discriminating way toward my black friends, or me included since we were together, how they could just walk away shaking their heads chocking it up to some ignorant person when I wanted to go buck wild to retaliate. I can’t walk in their shoes. But in watching video clip after video clip, there are many times where doing what is required will resolve the problem.

Then again, we “outsiders” to the problem only see what’s on TV. We don’t live in America’s inner cities to live and breathe what every minute of one’s life is like.

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