Nashville, TN May 2007

I attended the annual DISA Customer Conference two weeks ago (the last week of April). It was held at the Grand Old Opry, an amazing place! I didn’t take in much of the sites or make use of the included conference packaged evening entertainment offerings. Peaches was just up the road an hour at Ft. Campbell so I reserved whatever free time I had to go up to see her and Josh or for them to come down. She worked in Nashville so she swung by the hotel a few times after work.

Pare Suriel Martinez was also only an hour or so away in Shelbyville, and he came up to see us. What a refreshing blast from the past.

While on our own itineraries, Skip Duplechain, our site lead, went too. But I don’t recall seeing this whole week there. He must have gone on his own golfing agenda or something. I did meet Ted Gausmann, our GD PM, there tho he had to rush out early due to family issues. The refreshing meetups was with some of the guys and gals who were in the DRSN course I attended last year. That was great!

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