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MY links (sounds like the name of a Chinese actress!!) – whatevahs collection of links for easy reference if I can’t remember where else to find them. Plus other pertinent info about them relative to login…

Home of the Feds… and Work/Job Related ShitRESTRICTED CONTENT
RESTRICTED CONTENT 2022 Pay & Leave Hawaii rate
2022 Specialty Pay Chart GS2210 99AH
State Department Travel Info (+passport info)
iPERMS Army HRC Records (PIV authentication)
RESTRICTED CONTENT Federal Soup Forum – Forum about federal stuff… interesting. RESTRICTED CONTENT
Training, Knowledge and Education
Army Skillport/Skillsoft Portal
Fed VTE Online Training Portal
Global Knowledge
Retirement and VETERAN Related Interests
Army Retirement Services
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
eBenefits at VA (use CAC login)
Social Security Special Extra Earnings for Military Service
Retirement calculator page
Special Extra Earnings for Military Service (more info)
Financial Places of Interest
Health and Medical (Important after a Certain Age!!!!)
Kaiser Permanente ® TAMC Outpatient Formulary
Services and Products
Servco Waipahu Consumer Portal
Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
Smarsh Email Encryption RESTRICTED CONTENT
Geeky Online Resources
Hawaii/Honolulu City and State Interests
eCourt Kōkua
DoH Vital Records
Auto Recon Rules info (Star Bulletin Article)
Recon Permit State Approval Rules
Go Akamai Honolulu Traffic Cameras
HPD Traffic Information
Honolulu My Way (Traffic Cams)
State Highways Administration
Dept of Customer Services Driver’s License Information
DMV Auto Registration Information
Honolulu Airport Flight Information
Guam Misc Links of Interest/Reference
Official Guam Portal Page
GovGuam Staffing Pattern (just ‘coz it interests me)
The Guam Daily Post
Pacific Daily News
Kandit News Group
Remembrances and Reminders
The Wall USA
TEMPLATE – Section Title goes here!!!
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The site link checker strikes out links that are unreachable when it goes thru checking for reachable links. Some links are “unreachable” because they may accept requests from .mil only. Some may prompt for smart card login, etc..