My Food for thought today

I was googling exact and synonymous examples of that saying about a tree in a forest falling and no one is around to hear it. I’ve always thought of this pondering question as applied to other situations in life. Kind of like if no one (else) knows it happened, did it happen? How many people knowing about it does it take to validate it as having happened?

Tree in a forest saying

My mind quickly and momentarily raced to a thought of a ‘perfect murder’. But nah, that’s too dark and sinister. There were other, similar (I guess) search results prompting more pondering…

Secrets Don't Make Friends, They Make BEST Friends

Friends Share Secrets. That's What Keeps Us Close

A True Friend Will Keep Your Secrets and Love You Without Judgement or Conditions

Yes, it perfectly captures some things that are really self-evident if one looks closely enough. Most don’t look closely enough though….

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