Musubi anyone?

“WTF is that?”, mainlanders often say… and many (mainlanders) will say they would never eat spam. Ignorance is bliss I tell you!!

Spam is the ONO steak of the islands, and spam musubi is, well as old school Hawaii says, broke da mout! It’s more than a run of the mill snack. It’s a self contained mini-meal! On the go, hungry, and need something good to fill your tank to at least 1/4 or half tank? Swing by 7-Eleven or Fastop for a musubi that’s at the counter in the warmer and you’re ready to roll.

Okay, I just had to post this after seeing someone post the pic on Facebook and it looked so ono….

And to the mainlanders who think spam is beneath them… nah, not worth saying what I want to say about some of the shit y’all eat.

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