Music collection adds

Dangkulu Na Si Yuus Maase to Shaibe Bok Pangelinan for his contributing to the Chamorro Christmas music collection.

05.Belen Noche Buena.mp3
06.Todos Ham Man Listo.mp3
07.Eschai Et.mp3
08.Na Guinaiyayon.mp3
09.Fan Matto Man Hengge.mp3
10.Ano Nuevo.mp3

01.Sinantusan Na Puengi (O Holy Night).mp3
03.Nino Jesus.mp3
04.Fan Adispensa.mp3
05.Christmas Sin Hagu-Blue Christmas.mp3
06.Merry Christmas Kirida.mp3
07.Bonitu Na Patgon.mp3
08.Felis Pasgua Medley.mp3
09.Santa Medley.mp3
10.Puenggin Yuus.mp3

And I personally appreciate the (implied) nod and endorsement of Frank Bokonggo Pangelinan’s son in sharing his father’s music with the world thru my online collection.

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