Movies Alone, just like the old days

Last night Lou and I took in a movie at Kapolei Consolidated Theater 16-plex. It’s been a rare occasion that we get out by ourselves to take in a movie. That rarity having been mostly because of having the kids, then the grandkids,in the house.

Everytime we do get out by ourselves to do things like go to the movies, it reminds us of the old days. No, not grown up old days, but way back to our teenage days… before we had drivers licenses and found our way to meet at Hafa Adai Theater for the matinee showing and stayed all afternoon and evening just so we could be together. Holding hands, having popcorn and candy for our lunch and dinner… ahhh we go so far back together.

Anyway we watched the movie “Going In Style”. Again, just like the old days. Not that it was a movie that had awesome reviews and we needed to go see it…. it was one we picked out of the movie showings lineup just to go see and be out at the movies. Then again, over the years that’s how and why we ended up watching movies that we otherwise would have totally ignored and overlooked. We didn’t necessarily go to the movies to watch the specific movie, but to go to the movies to spend time together. And in the annals of our memories of our dating years, those otherwise obscure movies became a page in our life history together. That’s how it works, ain’t it!

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