More Storage Space

We need more storage space (who doesn’t!) and the main garage rafters area is full. Also, pushed mostly because of the recent rat problem and my inability to reach the crawlspace in the rafters inside the small garage and lanai ceilings, we decided to have Arthur Galang (he did all our past home renovations) build out those areas. The small garage with an access panel, and the lanai with an attic ladder. Both ceilings are having flooring put in so I can stand/sit/crawl inside without having to navigate only stepping on the rafters and risk falling thru the drywall ceiling. That, and move the outlet that the small garage door motor plugs to from the ceiling to into the crawlspace and expand it to two-outlet receptacle; fix (have his annointed electrician fix) the wires in the crawlspace that were chewed on by the rats; add an outlet, light and light switch in the lanai ceiling crawlspace.

Arthur’s business card.

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