More ailments WTF

It started, oh, Saturday morning I think, upon waking up. My right thumb was ‘clicking’ at the 2nd knuckle, as if sticking when bending and straightening. It was also mildly sore. I looked it up on WebMD and it’s trigger thumb, same as trigger finger. What started it, I don’t know… unless it’s an effect of diabetes. Hmmm…

I wake up with my thumb sore, and as the day progresses and I use my right hand, it loosens up. Not to the point where it’s not noticeable, but the pain subsides for the most part, and my thumb doesn’t “stick” when bending it though it still clicks at the joint.

So okay, add this to the other aches and ailments… forget the doctor for this, at least not now… there are enough issues stacking up waiting for doctor appointments! This getting old shit is…. getting old!!!

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