Missed the Henry Kapono & Friends Concert

I saw the spots on TV about the Henry Kapono & Friends Concert at the Waikiki Shell on September 15, 2018 back in July and August. My thought was I gotta go. We haven’t focused in on the local music scene in a long time. Mostly because I like the vintage Hawaii music, C&K, Kalapana, Olomana, etc., and never could get into the local music when the Jawaiian and reggae influence creeped in.

So Kapono’s concert was what was exactly my speed. But…. I missed it. I didn’t get tickets. I forgot about it and I didn’t realize it had come and gone until this evening. KHNL 8 covered it and had it on TV. Shit!!!! So… the best I could do was scrounge around Youtube for clips of at least my faves…

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