Mandatory training is agonizing

Does this man looks very familiar? Does he look naggingly familiar? Sickeningly familiar maybe? Well he does to me! That’s because this required Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP) training on the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) is a painful bitch to complete because it’s riddled with freezup problems, long buffering time videos, and other shit. So the course that’s advertised as taking 60 minutes to complete actually takes over 3 hours!!! Subsequently, I spent way too much time watching this idiot as he lectured and emphasized this and that in the TARP course.

So I find myself asking (1) if employing technology to replace in-person conference room NCO development program or other training sessions is a good idea, and (2) if the Army has the talent to utilize technology on its own and truly progress with it or if it just hinders good intentions. That may not be a fair question… I know the Army has the talent in its active and civilian ranks, plus contractor force. Maybe it’s the IT management as a program or something that just doesn’t seem to be as sharp and expert as what I had been used to with other, higher echelon organizations. Or… have ‘above Army’ units just spoiled me and at the services level this is the norm???


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