Mail in the Ballot before the Deadline

This election year has been outrageous, particularly with it totally embedded in the CORONAVIRUS pandemic environment. No full on traditional campaigning. The one presidential debate was a debacle to say the least. And just the whole attitude is unprecedentedly stupid. The nation is so polarized and divided, encouraged by the current administration and incumbent, with the opposition being weak, in my mind, and can’t rally enough to change the attitudes. People are rude, nasty, downright evil in some situations, about it all.

I have many close, and many associates friends in this world. In any other scenario the majority, if not all, are good people. This election season has fiercely brought out the asshole in a lot of them. And they don’t care. I know who I’m voting for. It makes no difference if I voice my preference to others or not, because at this point minds won’t be changed.

Mailed it in. Pau….

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