Mahalang for my baby – Bee Gees Too Much Heaven

Yeah, okay, I was into the Bee Gees back in the day. From disco days. Tho, this song didn’t represent partying disco nights for me.

I was just 4-5 months into the Army at the time, in AIT at Fort Gordon, GA, and severely, miserably missing my baby (Lou). I’d spend almost every evening writing to her… about anything, about nothing. Just to write about my day’s events as if she was there with me and I was talking to her.

And many a night, this song was my companion be it in the barracks or at the beer garden by Barton Field, or while sitting outside on the porch of James Murer’s house in Grovetown. Those are long gone and thankfully distant days now, but you know the saying… you can’t know where you’re going (in a relationship in this case) if you don’t remember where you’ve been. I guess that’s why on those rare occasions when I travel and am away, we still call every night, or also write everyday if I’m gone fr a long time, as if we are still young and lovesick kids.

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