Lunch with old Classmates

Sabrina is in town. The girls set up lunch for today at SXY Szechuan, a Chinese restaurant, at Ala Moana Shopping center. We were unfamiliar with exactly where this place was, and parking at Ala Moana was typical today… very crowded. We parked at the Macys end of the mauka side structure on the second level and wandered for a while thru the mall looking for this place. We eventually found it at the other end of the mall by Nordstrom’s, which as a landmark, we were still confused with because Nordstrom’s is now where the old Sears used to be on the Piikoi side of the mall. Lou and I went. Norma also went, as well as Robert and Linda . The four classmates seemed to have so much fun catching up. It was nice.

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