LuluBelle- Pics from old Days

As I was going about my daily business in my home office, where I’ve been teleworking from for the last 2 months, I happened to move some things around on a shelf. Underneath some stack of papers were some old photos of Lou circa 1978/79. Apparently they fell out of a nearby photo album. My thoughts and memorabilia have memory timelines tied most of the time, and the thoughts about them relative to the timeline of things that happened in “life”… Warmed my heart! RESTRICTED CONTENT RESTRICTED CONTENT

Lou and Rita, Lou’s NDHS graduation photo, graduation photo from business school

So like okay, the middle pic is of Lou at her high school graduation (NDHS 1978). The one on the left, not sure of when but was ’79-’80 or so, I had already left for Uncle Sam’s calling. Lou and Rita Lizama, her BFF. The pic on the right is of the two of them graduating from business school with one of the teachers.

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