Like being naked in PUBLIC!

Yeah, what a crazy sense of helplessness! What was scary and crazy this afternoon was when Lou dropped me off at Servco Waipahu for me to pick up my truck after servicing, I hopped out and she drove away. As I was walking from the Sales lot side to the service department, I came to the stark realization that I didn’t take a face mask with me and had none on. They won’t let me in to the service department! I turn around and walk back to the corner of the sales lot building, calling Lou on her cell. No answer. Called again, and again, maybe 4 times,. no answer. I texted her to answer her phone. And waited. She probably had her cell on vibrate.

I thought shit, if she doesn’t answer I’m screwed. And she’s taking Ayesha to Walmart or Target or something so she’s not going home. I can’t even get on the bus to go home to get a mask because I can’t get on public transit without one on! Goddamn it! I swear to God it felt like I was completely naked on the street with nothing to cover up with, and nowhere to run to get clothes!!!

I frantically called on her cell again, over and over, and she finally answered. Luckily she was still in Waipahu, close by trying to U-turn back toward Ewa, and came back by and gave me a mask!!! Whew! WTF is going on in this COVID environment making life so fucking complicated!!! 🙂

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