Life before our Wireless leashes

I have always been irritated by getting or having make phone calls while I’m on the road driving because it distracts me having to hold a cell phone to my ear. Now that it’s illegal to use a cell while driving, it makes it even more irritating. Sometimes tho, it’s the best time to make a call since driving is otherwise “dead time”. Well, what do you know, so I pick up my cell to make a call last night on my way home from work. I put on the Motorola bluetooth earpiece so I can be hands-free, and the mofo is dead. Needless to say I made the call “illegally”.

I’d been talking about it for weeks if not months, but last night was the decision maker for me. This afternoon I went to Progressive Auto Sounds in Waimalu and bought a new, bluetooth capable head unit. It seems to work well doing hands-free phone calling. I also found out that my prehistoric iPod mini doesn’t work with it… must be its age and outdated software version because Lina’s iPod nano works fine with it. Luckily, its external cable is a USB cable and not an iPod interface, and I can play my music using a thumb drive.

All is good now, with hands-free phone calling while on the road a full capability in the truck. That brings me to something I’ve been pondering every so often ever since I got a cell phone. Why? How did we ever live without cell/mobile phones all these years before the technology evolved? How did any of us even leave the house back in the day, now that it seems we’re not allowed to unless we can be contacted at any minute via voice or text? How did life even evolve to where being on an electronic leash was the unspoken standard!!!

I think back to teenager days when I’d leave the house for school at 7am, get home 3pm and then go right back out to go hang out with the boys, check friends, etc., and not be back home until maybe 10-11pm. Or, after I got my license and my own car, I’d disappear until the wee hours of the morning. Mom and Dad never truly knew where I was at any given time. they had no way of tracking me down and calling me home if they needed me. I never had any way of checking in remotely except to stop by someone’s house and use their landline. That was normal, acceptable daily life. Would I be comfortable with my kids being that free and me not having virtually instant touch with them via their cell phones? Hell no!

Not only had technology and the world changed, but the mindset has evolved with the technology. I won’t even begin to write down my ponderings about life before the Internet, especially the Internet as a household commodity.

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