Leave the claim thing alone

I was reading, with more scrutiny and comprehensiveness, my VA compensation award letter and its attachments this morning. These government things are written so bureaucratically that it’s so difficult to understand, at times, what I’m reading and what I’m reading really means.

There is an explanation section about how they rated my various claimed disabilities, why, etc.. On my shoulders for the torn rotator cuffs, both were given 10% rating. There was a statement that said that no surgery evidence was in my records and, if I submit evidence of surgery, recuperation, rehabilitation, etc., that my claim can be reviewed for disability increase, as warranted.

I was energetic about the idea of bumping up my disability rating because both surgeries are documented in my HMO records. I think I had obtained copies of my records last year for my initial fully developed claim prior to my first surgery. Then I started wondering…. if my records indicate that I had surgery to repair the rotator cuff injuries, and that my shoulder is actually much better post-surgery and rehabilitation, would there be a possibility that my rating would decrease?? Has that ever happened? Is that allowed?

I then came across this blog of VA claims information while googling that idea. I think I’ll leave this one alone and enjoy my 70%.

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